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Driver says to unsafe drivers, ones with attitude: grow up

I’ve been reading about drivers complaining about drivers not flashing headlights anymore. Well one good reason I don’t is that it’s actually against the law.

Let me explain: you are not supposed to signal an overtaking vehicle that it’s unsafe to pass. This practice, though some say it is common courtesy, is prohibited by regulations of the Department of Transportation.

To give such a signal transfers part of the responsibility for safe passage from the passing vehicle to you. If there’s an accident; if the passing vehicle all of a sudden has to stop, where are you going to go? You’ll more than likely hit the passing vehicle that just came over in front of you.

As I said, if there’s an accident you and your company may both be held jointly for liable damages, even if you don’t hit him and he hits someone else.

Besides, you’ll be tailgating, which is considered a serious violation along with reckless driving (383.5b 383.5c and 383.5d Federal Motor Carrier Safety regs).

When you pass someone wait until you can see both headlights in the middle of your mirror; don’t lean over to see if you cleared the vehicle, get further away. Use some common sense.

It’s not common courtesy to put yourself in violation of the law or to put yourself in danger of rear-ending someone.

There’s a lot of this going on these days. I’d be willing to be over 90 percent of the so-called drivers do this. And they think it’s OK. I’ve got news, they’re not drivers, they’re steering wheel holders. I have big doubts about their attitude and their abilities, too.

This is a serious business out here and you better get serious about your job and your attitude.

Tailgating cars, especially with children in them is just plain stupid. I’ll call the cops and your company. It just invites unfavorable criticism of the company, the trucking industry and yourself. It just shows how much you don’t care and how unsafe and reckless you are, and [that] you don’t belong in a truck.

I think if a company gets two or three calls on a driver he should be fired and his CDL taken away.

It’s time to clean up your act or get out of the trucking industry.

There’s no place for this kind of behavior and attitude.

Think about what you’re doing. You’re not on a race trace. There are other people out here who want to get where they’re going, too. It’s not all about you.

You know who you are and if you don’t know where you stand you better take some inventory of your driving habits.

Are you in a hurry all the time? Do you get mad? Do you tailgate? Are you closer than at least 3 seconds behind the truck in front of you? Do you just get past someone and cut back over? And even one half a truck length or a truck length is too close.

Remember: flashing your lights is prohibited by the Department of Transportation if you think so or not.

Just grow up, will ya?

W. Payne,

Troy, Ill.