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Red Dot to distribute Sleeping Well aftermarket A/C System

Red Dot will offer two Sleeping Well models: the wall-mounted high-capacity Arctic 2000 (Red Dot model No. R-1200-0p) for sleeper-equipped tractors and the roof-mounted OBLO (R-1205-0p) for straight trucks and other applications.

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SEATTLE — Red Dot Corp., a leader in climate control systems for heavy-duty vehicles and off-highway equipment, now offers Sleeping Well battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning systems through its network of warehouse distributors in Canada and the United States.

Sleeping Well systems are sold as complete aftermarket installation kits that fit almost any commercial vehicle. The all-electric A/C systems can maintain a cool, comfortable cab and sleeper environment while the truck engine is turned off, burning no fuel and producing no emissions and little noise. They require no regular maintenance.

Red Dot will offer two Sleeping Well models: the wall-mounted high-capacity Arctic 2000 (Red Dot model No. R-1200-0p) for sleeper-equipped tractors and the roof-mounted OBLO (R-1205-0p) for straight trucks and other applications. Both units are made by Indel B of Italy, a global leader in 12/24-volt cooling and refrigeration products for commercial vehicles and other applications.

They are CARB-compliant and U.S. EPA Smartway-approved.

Robert Gardiner, marketing manager at Red Dot, said the Sleeping Well Arctic 2000 and OBLO meet the need for reliable, effective battery-powered air conditioners. They are an ideal complement to an air heater to provide a complete engine-off aftermarket auxiliary HVAC system for the cab and sleeper.

“The Arctic 2000 and OBLO deliver the performance, quality, and cost-effectiveness that truck owners expect from a Red Dot-supported A/C product,” said Gardiner. “We’re excited to promote Sleeping Well systems in the North American commercial vehicle aftermarket.”

Key features: Arctic 2000

The Arctic 2000 provides up to 6,150 Btu/hr of cooling and can maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle for 10 to 12 hours in typical use. It’s a three-piece system: an evaporator (mounts on the inside of the sleeper); condenser (mounts on the exterior of the sleeper); and compact under-bunk compressor unit. Total weight is approximately 81 pounds, not including batteries.

For energy-efficiency, the Arctic 2000 uses twin low-voltage Danfoss compressors with dedicated thermostats: one for maintaining a set temperature, the other for temperature pull-down in demanding situations. Maximum power consumption is 75 amp/hr. The Arctic 2000 is powered by four dedicated auxiliary Group 31 AGM batteries with a standard low-voltage cutout.

Key features: OBLO

The OBLO provides up to 3,250 Btu/hr of cooling and involves a simple through-the-roof installation on most trucks. It is self-contained and pre-charged with R134a—just connect power. The OBLO consumes 29 amp/hr (max)-15 amp/hour (min). 

The low-profile design can be installed on truck roofs with inclinations up to 25º. Total weight is approximately 55 pounds.

About Red Dot

Red Dot designs and builds premium climate control components, integrated systems, replacement parts, and aftermarket units for vehicles in demanding work environments all over the world. Based in Seattle, Red Dot has more than 400 employees in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and China, and more than 175 aftermarket distributor locations in North America. Visit www.reddotcorp.com for more details.
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