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DMS Moving Systems named top van line agency

DMS Moving Systems was founded by Neil Meyer in 1955 and has been an Atlas Van Lines agent for 28 years.

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — DMS Moving Systems of Canton, Mich. has been chosen to receive the 2011 Moving and Storage Agent of the Year Service Excellence Award from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA).  The company is an agent of Atlas Van Lines, which nominated DMS for the honor.

The award reflects AMSA’s and the industry’s commitment to excellent customer service, and is presented to agents nominated by their affiliated van line based on customer surveys and van line experience. Nominations are judged primarily on customer service assessments and industry awards and recognitions.  Consideration is also given to additional factors such as leadership, innovation, community involvement and activities that enhance the industry image. 

DMS Moving Systems was founded by Neil Meyer in 1955 and has been an Atlas Van Lines agent for 28 years. The company is an industry leader in using state-of-the-art applications for processing customer information, including handheld devices to facilitate surveys and inventory, according to the award announcement.  To make moving safer, DMS also conducts background checks and issues photo IDs for all van operators and crew members. 





Focused on environmental sustainability and recycling programs, DMS is dedicated to reducing the company’s impact on the planet. The company’s contributions to the community, which have impacted numerous non-profit organizations, also contributed to its Agent of the Year nomination and win, the news release said. 

“I am so pleased that this excellent agency has received this honor,” said Linda Bauer Darr, AMSA president & CEO. “DMS is very deserving of this recognition, and we are proud they are an AMSA member and a ProMover.”

Each year AMSA recognizes best-performing and highest-achieving individuals and companies in the industry.  The awards programs receive many impressive nominations, all of which reflect the dedication and diversity of the sector.  The corresponding 2011 award for an independent mover went to JK Moving Services of Sterling, Va. 

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