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Texas trucker named Trucker Buddy for work at Maine school

Trucker Buddy William “Mike” Mattingly shares a visit with students at Friendship Village School in Friendship, Maine. (Courtesy: TRUCKER BUDDY INTERNATIONAL)

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — William “Mike” Mattingly has been named Trucker Buddy of the Month for July 2012 following his nomination by teacher Carla Eutsler of Friendship Village School in Friendship, Maine.

The two were paired during the recent school year and worked with Eutsler’s fourth, fifth and sixth grade social studies and science classes. 

Eustler said as soon as the students were told that Mattingly was their Trucker Buddy, they began sending him letters and cards.

Just a few weeks after he first received their correspondence, Mattingly came to see the classes at their school.

He was even able to co-teach with Eutsler for two days.  Some of the sixth grade students located on map of the United States the many places Mattingly and his Chihuahua, Rufus, have traveled.

In one month, he traveled from Texas to California to Georgia to Maine to Louisiana to New York City and back to California.  On his visit to the school, all the students there (about 100) were able to “tour” Mattingly’s truck.

“The students enjoyed his visit and missed him when he left,” Eutsler said.

Mattingly has sent the students pictures of his home state of Texas and taught them some interesting facts  about Texas.

Also, because of his travels across the country, the students are learning about time zones and safe driving.

He has even sent them a picture of a sign from Friendship, Ark.

“My family has made a new friend, too,” Eutsler said as her family got to be a part of Mattingly’s visit.

Her 13 year-old sons were able to tour his truck and learn about trucking.

“Mike got to try lobster for the first time when he came to Maine,” Eutsler.

The two families exchanged items such as Mercer shirts, a notebook and coffee mugs to remind them of their visit.

“We appreciate the positive interactions the Trucker Buddy program encourages,” says Eutsler.  “This is a wonderful program and it enhances student learning.”

Trucker Buddy International, an independent, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, often called the number one trucking image campaign in North America, has helped educate schoolchildren and introduce educators to the trucking industry.  This gives them the world through the eyes of a professional truck driver.  The Trucker Buddy program helps to educate and mentor schoolchildren via a pen pal relationship between professional truck drivers and children in grades K-8 as supervised by their teachers.

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