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O-O Gary Baldwin receives $5,000 shopping spree from Kinedyne

Owner-operator Gary Baldwin won a $5,000 shopping spree of Kinedyne products.

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BRANCHBURG, N.J. —  Kinedyne Corporation has awarded a $5,000 shopping spree of Kinedyne products to Gary Baldwin, winner of their raffle drawn during the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show. 

Baldwin is the owner of G & B Trucking Incorporated of Clearfield, Pa., a trucking company specializing in transport of bulk materials.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to help a company such as G & B Trucking gain an advantage by providing them with $5,000 worth of quality Kinedyne products,” said James Klausmann II, Kinedyne executive vice president and the son of the company’s founder.

“We know our products offer many cost-saving benefits that help an independent trucking company run a safe and profitable operation.  We look forward to helping Mr. Baldwin grow his business by giving him an ‘edge’ that will help his company thrive well into the future.”

Baldwin chose to share his good fortune — and his appreciation for Kinedyne load securement products — with 11 of his friends and family.  Among the many products he selected during his shopping spree were ratchet straps, transport chains, cargo bars, tire nets and several items from the company’s line of POLARTM and TIGERTM ‘Pro-Grade’ tarp ties.  This new line of tarp ties delivers exceptional strength, durability and toughness regardless of weather and environmental factors.

MATS 2012 was a great success for Kinedyne, the company said in a news release.  The company saw hundreds of show attendees visit their booth to witness live cargo securement product demonstrations and an interactive display of Kinedyne Kaptive Beam Systems - the “double-decking” solution designed to optimize trailer cube space for Interior Van fleet operators.  For more information on Kinedyne’s presence at the 2012 edition of the MATS show, visit http://www.kinedyne.com/news.html for a recap of this year’s event.

Founded in 1968, Kinedyne Corporation is a leader in manufacturing and distributing cargo control products for the transportation industry.  The company maintains the top market share in several industry sectors through the development and engineering of a high-quality product offering that includes multiple patented products.  Kinedyne products service users that include OEM’s, fleet operators and independent owner/operators. 

The company serves several markets including Heavy Duty Trucking, Government and Military, Farm and Agricultural, Moving and Storage, Automotive and Recreational Vehicles.

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