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Price of diesel down nationally, but higher in hurricane region

The price of on-highway diesel has now dropped four straight weeks. (The Trucker file photo)

The Trucker Staff


WASHINGTON — A drop is a drop is a drop.

It may have been on fourth tenths of a penny, but the average on-highway retail price of a gallon of diesel dropped for the fourth consecutive week to $3.976, according to the Energy Information Administration of the Department of Energy.

Had it not been for the fact that a huge chuck of the eastern section of the country was still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, the decline would likely have been more.

The price was up 2.3 cents a gallon in the Lower Atlantic Region and 1.5 cents in New England, offsetting a 6 cent drop on the West Coast minus California and a 4.5 cent drop in the Rocky Mountain States.

The price is 3.4 cents a gallon lower than the same period last year.

For a complete list of prices by region for the past three weeks, click here.

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