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Allied Van's Sherryll Byrd named new Trucker Buddy

Byrd drives for United Van Lines and has been the Trucker Buddy for Sylvester’s class for the past five years.

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OJAI, Calif. — Sherryll Byrd was named Trucker Buddy of the month after second grade teacher Carole Sylvester and her class at Oak Grove School in Ojai, Calif., sent in a glowing nomination.

Byrd drives for United Van Lines and has been the Trucker Buddy for Sylvester’s class for the past five years.

“Mr. Byrd’s postcards enliven my social studies program and teach my students about the many states of our wonderful country,” Sylvester said. “He sends us a postcard almost every week and always teaches us something interesting about the state he is currently in.  He also teaches us about the job a trucker does which complements another aspect of our social studies program: jobs in our community.”





Sylvester’s students (and their parents) have been thrilled to have Byrd as a major part of the class curriculum, the teacher said.

Every time a postcard, they chart the state on a U.S. map and discuss facts about each state. 

“Pen pals are a huge part of my curriculum and the children have really enjoyed having an adult pen pal that corresponds with them regularly,” Sylvester said. “Mr. Byrd came to visit my class at Oak Grove School with his wife Jackie in 2008.  We had a wonderful time and the children got to ask him questions in person.  He gave us a fabulous tour of his large truck and children that are now in junior high at Oak Grove School still talk about their trucker buddy, Mr. Byrd.”

The class nominated Byrd as Trucker Buddy of the Month because they said he has added so much to the lives of children in Sylvester’s school, adding that he had made studying the U.S. come alive in a way that would otherwise be difficult.

“Mr. Byrd has helped them to see the sights of our wonderful country and learn about its plants, animals, historic sites and capitals in a fun and personable way,” Sylvester said. “I feel the children greatly appreciate it when he takes the time to remember the class every week and teach them something new about the country.”

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