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Shell introduces engine oil designed for extreme cold conditions

Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 uses free flowing synthetic base oils that allow reliable pumping on start-up under extreme cold climate conditions, a Shell official said. (Courtesy: SHELL LUBRICANTS)

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HOUSTON — Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Rotella T6 0W-40, a full synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil designed for extreme cold conditions.

Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 uses free flowing synthetic base oils that allow reliable pumping on start-up under extreme cold climate conditions, yet remains thick enough under high temperature operation to protect against engine wear, according to Chris Guerrero, Shell Rotella global brand manager.

“Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 will provide drivers operating in extreme cold conditions with the assurance that they can count on their engine oil to provide what they need when they start a cold engine and to work efficiently in all operating conditions,” Guerrero said.  “This new synthetic oil expands the portfolio of products Shell Rotella can provide to hard working truckers.”

Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 meets the following specification: API CJ-4, API SN, Volvo VDS-3, Mack EO-N and Caterpillar ECF-3, ECF-2, ECF-1A.

Guerrero said all Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic oils features an advanced multi-functional, low-ash additive technology in a synthetic base oil designed to provide highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to driving conditions.

Use of selected low-viscosity synthetic base oils further energizes the oil’s protective capability that promotes fuel-economy performance with no compromise in durability, he said. 

“The Shell Rotella brand is committed to making sure that truckers can count on Shell Rotella engine oils to help keep their trucks and equipment operating properly,” Guerrero said.

He noted that the Shell Rotella Energized Protection product portfolio is led by three premium heavy duty engine oils that are part of a tiered, easy to understand ladder of protection, including Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic, Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend Technology and Shell Rotella T Triple Protection® engine oils.

“All Shell Rotella heavy duty oils provide protection in three critical areas by helping to control acids, deposits and wear,” Guerrero said. “The adaptive technology in Shell Rotella® allows the oil to protect across all driving conditions, physically or chemically reacting to the ever-changing needs of an engine, ensuring that Shell Rotella customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of the engine oil that works as hard as they do.”

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