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Billy Basenberg gets ‘Back on the Road’ as Arrow Truck Sales’ 2012 winner

Billy Basenberg of near Jasper, Ala., is the 2012 Back on the Road winner.

The Trucker Staff


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It’s been called “the power of the human spirit,” “people helping people” and a leg up for “the real Americans — truck drivers.”

“It” is Arrow Truck Sales’ Back on the Road program, which today announced Billy Basenberg of near Jasper, Ala., as the program’s 2012 recipient.

The out-of-work trucker received the keys to a 2008 Mack Pinnacle, formerly in service as part of the American Trucking Associations’ Share the Road program, and a job contract with Heartland Express. Other sponsors chipped in truck tires, a tool box and other necessary items and Arrow, going above and beyond, gave Basenberg a check for $5,000 to help the family until he gets his first paycheck.

Basenberg had had to quit over-the-road driving to take care of his wife Tammie, who suffered a debilitating auto accident. “He’s always given to others, never taking for his own needs,” Tammie said of her husband, while a neighbor to the couple, Dorothy Cook, said despite the family’s hardships Billy Basenberg had kept a positive attitude.

Tammie nominated her husband for the program while their son, Jason, who had pulled duty in Iraq, wrote the nomination story about his dad.

It was truly a family affair, with not only his wife and son present, but, said Billy, the presence of his older brother, Rick, who had died from complications from diabetes, “looking down from heaven.”

Billy said the couple was in danger of losing their home after he lost his truck. He told an audience of mostly truckers here at the Mid-America Trucking Show that Arrow Truck Sales and their Back on the Road program had been “a class act the whole time. … You guys are doing God’s work.”

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