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Steve Gilbert named Trucker Buddy of the Month for March 2012

“Mr. Gilbert is one of a kind,” says teacher Arlene Poulos. “We think he is a wonderful Trucker Buddy and an excellent role model as he advocates to the children to be good students and also work hard.”

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Steve Gilbert has been named the March 2012 Trucker Buddy of the Month following his nomination by Arlene Poulos, a teacher at Fallbrook Street School in Fallbrook, Calif.  Her class is a multi-age class including kindergarten through third grade.

“Mr. Gilbert is one of a kind,” says Poulos.  “We think he is a wonderful Trucker Buddy and an excellent role model as he advocates to the children to be good students and also work hard.”

According to Poulos, Gilbert makes visiting her class a priority each year. “He has driven out to see the class not only in his truck but also with his wife on his motorcycle,” she says. “This year he drove his truck so the students were able to climb inside the cab and look around — It was amazing.”

When trucker Steve Gilbert comes to see the class, he describes his profession and gives them information about his truck.  Gilbert gave the class a small version of his truck to display in the classroom.  “What a special treat it is to have,” says Poulos.

Gilbert sent each student a map of the United States so they can keep track of his travels.  While he is driving, he will send the students post cards from every city.  The students have fun while learning map skills as they locate the places Gilbert has been.  “They are having fun learning the states and the facts about the states from his post cards.” 

In addition, Gilbert has given the students pencil pouches and writing supplies as well as Trucker Buddy lunch boxes.

“It is so much fun to see all the lunch boxes during lunch,” Poulos says. “The Trucker Buddy program has been absolutely wonderful for our class. Mr. Gilbert is one of a kind.  We think he is a wonderful Trucker Buddy and excellent role model.  We cannot say enough about him and the excitement he has brought to our class.  He truly deserves this award.”

Some comments from students below:

• “I [gotta] say that Mr. Gilbert is a magnificent trucker buddy.  He let us get in his Walmart truck and gives us pencils, rulers and sharpeners.”

• “Mr. Gilbert is a fantastic trucker buddy!  He gives us post cards from every state he goes and he visits us every year!  He also tells us to work hard and be good.”

• “Mr. Gilbert is a wonderful trucker buddy.  I wish Mr. Gilbert was the trucker buddy of the year!”

Trucker Buddy International, an independent, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, often called the number one trucking image campaign in North America, has helped educate schoolchildren and introduce educators to the trucking industry.  This gives them the world through the eyes of a professional truck driver.  The Trucker Buddy program helps to educate and mentor schoolchildren via a pen pal relationship between professional truck drivers and children in grades K-8 as supervised by their teachers.

After an extensive screening process, the professional truck drivers are matched with a class and as directed by the teacher, drivers share news about their travels with their class. Students write letters and send pictures to their drivers. Students' skills in reading, writing, geography, mathematics, social studies, and history are enhanced and learning is made fun.

Since 1992, Trucker Buddy International has helped educate over a million schoolchildren and introduced them to caring, compassionate men and women, professional truck drivers.  The on-going success of the program is due to driver volunteers, participating teachers and the contributions of sponsors. 

There is no cost to the drivers or teachers to participate in the program. The Trucker Buddy of the Month is sponsored by Daimler Truck Products and includes, Freightliner Trucks, Western Star Trucks and Detroit. Each class of the winning TBOM receives a gift pack of snack from Frito-Lay.  The Trucker Buddy program is funded entirely by sponsorships and donations. 

Trucker Buddy press releases are provided by ACS, a Xerox company.

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