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Trucker offering beef jerky as alternative healthy snack

Big Rig Jerky comes in six flavors: original, teriyaki, cracked peppercorn, jalapeño, New Mexico red and Ole No. 1 Habanero hot. (Courtesy: BIG RIG JERKY)

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PALM BAY, Fla. — The makers of Big Rig Jerky have completed a one-year trial program to introduce what it calls a gourmet line of beef jerky and is making the product available to the trucking public.

Bigrigjerky.com offers six flavors of healthy made-to-order beef jerky, according to owner Tony Dycus, who started the company last year with his wife Pat.

“Our original idea was to sell beef jerky to our friends and family and also taking beef jerky snacks on the road as a healthy alternative to candy bars and chips,” Dycus said. “My wife has always been creative when it came to preparing snacks and gift ideas for the holidays.  We eventually took it a step further as more people ordered and enjoyed our beef jerky we then turned it into a small business that my wife could have fun with while I am on the road.”

Dycus said as an over-the-road driver, owner-operator and owner of Patony Trucking here for 15 years, he understands that healthy food alternatives are not always plentiful on the road.





“We figured that making beef jerky and taking it on the road would give us a healthy snack,” he said.  “The response from our friends and family and customers in the first year of business has been met with positive feedback. We thought that it is now time to move to the next level and enter a nationwide advertising campaign to offer our product to the trucking public so that everyone can enjoy our beef jerky.  We also plan to introduce our dried fruit line in the future that will provide dried fruits such as apples, peaches, mangoes and papayas and other dried fruit as the seasons allow.”

Dycus' beef jerky is sold exclusively at www.bigrigjerky.com.

The company offers beef jerky in various sizes, from a two-ounce bag that sells for $4.50 to a one-pound bag for $32, plus a sample pack that includes one-ounce samples of all six of the company’s flavors — original, teriyaki, cracked peppercorn, jalapeño, New Mexico red and Ole No. 1 Habanero hot.

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