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Michelin introduces new X Line Energy D tire, calls it ‘win-win-win’ solution

Michelin's Jaye Young shows off the company's new X Line Energy D tire at the Great American Trucking Show. (The Trucker DOROTHY COX)

The Trucker Staff


DALLAS – Michelin Sept. 1 is officially introducing its new X Line Energy D tire, a “win-win-win” solution for over-the-road truckers because it’s more energy efficient, provides unmatched traction in all types of driving conditions and yields prolonged wear with a dual tread compound, Michelin spokespersons said Thursday, Aug. 23 here at the Great American Trucking Show.

“We at Michelin believe we can deliver fuel efficiency without compromise,” said Jaye Young, U.S. country marketing manager for Michelin.

Like its other fuel-efficient tires, the X Line Energy D is SmartWay verified, getting up to 20 percent better wear than Michelin’s existing XDA fuel efficiency tire, Young explained.

Some of the “driver confident” attributes of the X Line Energy D include Matrix siping that provides interlocking action for better wear; zigzag groove walls with optimized “biting edges” for efficient water and snow evactuation; full-depth sipes for improved traction for the life of the tire; maximum retreadability; 20 percent longer tread life; and a “dual energy compound tread” that includes a top layer for strength and wear resistance and another, cool running layer that minimizes internal casing temperatures for low running resistance.

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