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TCA's Robert Low: Add wellness to truck driver appreciation celebrations

On Sept. 18 from 3-8 p.m. (local time), TCA and state partners are teaming up with TA/Petro to host health and wellness events at 12 truck stops

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Truckload Carriers Association Chairman Robert Low is adding a caveat to the National Truck Driver Awareness Week celebration.

He’s encouraging TCA member carriers and other trucking companies to adopt the unofficial title of National Truck Driver Awareness and Wellness Week.

Low said the additional component will help drivers benefit from the ultimate thank-you present: the education, resources and programs they need for good health to live fuller — and longer —lives.

Officially, the title of the celebration, which is a program of the American Trucking Associations, remains National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, but Low is encouraging companies to go a step further than in past years.

 “During the week, companies can continue hosting driver appreciation events and providing giveaways like they’ve done in the past,” Low said, “but we’re asking that they mix in some type of health component this year. How about giving away cookbooks with low-fat recipes for people ‘on the go’? Perhaps you could bring in a speaker to discuss stress reduction techniques. At your driver appreciation picnic, why not trade that heavy potato salad for fruit or a pasta salad with light vinaigrette? Anything that offers people healthier ideas or alternatives is going to be a step in a positive direction.”

TCA and state trucking associations are coordinating a number of health-oriented events for celebration week.

On Sept. 18 from 3-8 p.m. (local time), they are teaming up with TA/Petro to host health and wellness events at 12 truck stops that are located within a high concentration of TCA members (click here to find locations).

The sites will feature health fairs that include glucose testing and sleep apnea information. Participants can take one to three mile walks — with well-known trucking leaders/personalities at some of the locations — and tour StayFit gyms located on the properties.





On Sept. 20, TCA will host “Ditch the Pack” day, designed to encourage all trucking-affiliated smokers to reduce or even give up the habit for 24 hours. The goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of quitting and to show support for those starting or continuing their smoke-free journey.

TCA is asking all companies that are planning activities to post details about their promotions on Drivers can easily locate events they want to participate in and plan their schedules accordingly.

Events can be searched within a specified state/province, city, and/or distance in miles from a city. Event listings provide not only basic contact and location information, but also the type of activity (free meal, discount offer, prizes/gifts, etc.), drivers who may attend (all CDL holders, only CDL holders affiliated with the host company, etc.), and if the general public and media are invited to participate.

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