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Peterbilt delivers first Model 579 tractor

Left to right, Mike Dozier, Peterbilt assistant general manager; Stan Mikalonis, director of operations at Paccar Financial Company; Robert Woodall, Peterbilt director of sales and marketing; Tom Wentworth, Allstate Peterbilt; Rod Simon, TMC executive vice president of maintenance; Jason Webb, TMC executive vice president of asset management; and Bill Kozek, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice president stand in front of the first Model 579. (Courtesy: PETERBILT MOTORS CO.)

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DENTON, Texas — TMC Transportation of Des Moines, Iowa, has taken delivery of the first Peterbilt Motors Co. Model 579.

Representatives from TMC Transportation and Allstate Peterbilt were in attendance to commemorate the historic occasion.

The Model 579, Peterbilt’s newest SmartWay designated product, was first unveiled at a news conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville last March.

“Peterbilt is proud to celebrate this exciting event with TMC Transportation as our companies share the same passion for industry leading quality, performance and customer satisfaction,” Bill Kozek, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice president, said. “The Model 579 is the culmination of innovative engineering design and manufacturing processes that result in the highest quality product. To share this occasion with a long-term, loyal partner and our Denton employees is very rewarding.”

“This is really an exciting occasion for TMC Transportation, experiencing first-hand the pride, quality and craftsmanship from Peterbilt’s production team that is evident in the products they manufacture,” said Jason Webb, executive vice president of asset management. “TMC is the largest privately held flatbed carrier in the nation, and we are proud to take delivery of the first Model 579 and add this exciting new product to our fleet.”

In addition to commemorating the first delivery of the Model 579, TMC Transportation placed an order for an additional 1,500 units, citing the product’s fuel efficiency design characteristics and early driver feedback upon reviewing comfort and amenities inherent in the cab and sleeper interior.

Both Webb and Rod Simon, TMC executive vice president of maintenance, conducted a comprehensive technical review of the first 579 unit and said, “We are confident in the product and the operational performance improvements we will gain in the form of fuel efficiency, driver comfort and vehicle reliability.”





Driver comfort played a key role in the decision to purchase additional units, with retention remaining a critical factor in fleet utilization, TMC officials said.

Peterbilt officials noted the Model 579 features a 2.1 meter-wide aluminum cab with a panoramic-style windshield that provides maximum visibility.

Other features include new sound abatement technology that minimizes outside noise, a climate control system for excellent heating, cooling and air circulation, as well as the industry’s widest use of LED lighting.

“TMC Transportation is a leader among the nation's flatbed operations, and possesses a special dedication to operating premium aerodynamic vehicles," said Jeff Vanthournout, president of Allstate Peterbilt, the selling dealer. "The purchase of an additional 1,500 units shows the confidence they have that the Model 579 will contribute positively to their business model, and we thank them for our long-term partnership."

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