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Diesel prices down nearly 2 cents

National on-highway diesel prices were down 1.7 cents today from the prior week. (The Trucker file photo)

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National on-highway diesel prices were nearly 2 cents cheaper today than they were a week ago, to $3.894 compared with $3.911 Jan. 7, down 1.7 cents.

That’s the lowest it’s been since last July, when it was $3.721 a gallon, but still up 4.0 cents from this time last year.

Only two reporting areas today, New England and California, showed an increase in diesel prices. The New England region was 1.5 cents more to $4.168 compared with the $4.153 truckers were paying the previous week.

In California, which traditionally has higher diesel prices, at-the-pump diesel was selling for  $4.063 a gallon today, 1.5 cents higher than the $4.048 it was selling for last week.

For the full report from the Energy Information Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Energy, click here.

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