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ABF Global Supply Chair Services adds South America to coverage area

Ocean transport for the South American countries is in addition to ABF Global’s previously announced coverage in Europe and Asia.

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FORT SMITH, Ark. — Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay are now included in the expanding ocean transport portfolio of ABF Global Supply Chain Services.

ABF Global is providing a single contact for full-container-load (FCL) and expedited less-than-container-load (LCL) supply chain solutions, ABF officials said Thursday.

Ocean transport for these South American countries is in addition to ABF Global’s previously announced coverage in Europe and Asia.

“With an established presence in Europe, China, India and Southeast Asia countries, South America is a natural extension of our global coverage,” said Carlos Martinez-Tomatis, ABF GSCS division vice president. “ABF Global now covers nearly 90 percent of the total ocean international market to and from the United States. Our goal is to reach 96 percent of the total import/export market, which we anticipate achieving before the end of 2013.”

The provider’s FCL transport solutions offer convenient and economical ocean transport with end-to-end visibility, Martinez-Tomatis said.

ABF controls dedicated space on ships providing frequent service from and to all major worldwide ports.

As a result, the company offers single-contact, expedited LCL/LTL solutions for customers who have international manufacturing centers or suppliers.

“Long-term planning is enhanced by advanced scheduling for consolidation and departures. Features and benefits include in transit, virtual warehousing. Dynamic rerouting capabilities enable on-the-water inventory allocation and order fulfillment directly from the container to the end-user or multiple delivery locations,” said Martinez-Tomatis.

As the principal subsidiary of Arkansas Best Corp., ABF operates as a global provider of customizable supply chain solutions.

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