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LaHood will stay at least awhile as transportation secretary

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sat by President Barack Obama during part of the Inaugural Parade Monday. (Associated Press)

The Trucker Staff


WASHINGTON — For someone who said he probably wouldn’t stay on as a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet during a second term, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has been acting as though he was not leaving.

And now according to Bloomberg News, he’s staying — for at least an indefinite period.

The first sign he might not leave was his daily blog a couple of weeks ago, which referred to him looking forward to working with the new Congress.

Then Monday, LaHood was in the Inaugural Parade reviewing stand not far from Obama for a long while, and when Obama’s daughters left, sat by the president.

Bloomberg reported that LaHood said at an inaugural party he would be sticking around for a while.

His status was further confirmed when he was listed by the White House as one of the attendees of the National Prayer Service for the president and Vice President Joe Biden at the National Cathedral.

The secretary’s office did not respond to an e-mail early Tuesday from The Trucker about LaHood’s appearance at the parade, but Transportation Department spokesman Justin Nisly told Bloomberg “I don’t have anything new to add beyond what has been said publicly.”

LaHood has been Obama’s principal advocate for increased infrastructure spending the president has said is needed to heal the U.S. economy. That includes the president’s vision for high-speed passenger rail, which was stalled by Congress’s refusal to keep paying for it.

LaHood is the only Republican now in the Cabinet.

Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel would be the second if confirmed as defense secretary.

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