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September truck sales up, but still trail year-to-date level

The International name plate sold 2,502 tractors in September compared with 2,186 in August. (Courtesy: NAVISTAR)

The Trucker Staff


Buoyed by double-digit increases from Kenworth and International, September U.S. sales of Class 8 trucks increased 5.5 percent over August.

September sales totaled 16,125 compared with 14,491 in August, but the September number was 11.3 percent higher than September 2012 when 15,288 were sold.

Despite the gain, which was the second largest month-over-month increase this year, year-over-year sales continues to trail 2012.

To date in 2013, 132,593 Class 8 tractors have been sold, compared with 146,655, a decrease of 9.6 percent.

Annualized, that would mean total 2013 sales would climb just above 176,000; however, December is a traditionally high sales month.

Only twice since 2003 has the December sales not been the highest monthly total of the year.

Kenworth had the largest month-over-month increase from August to September, selling 2,718 trucks compared with 1,983 in September.

International was a close second with a 14.5 increase on sales of 2,502 compared with 2,186 last month.

As has been the case for many, many months, Freightliner led in numerical sales with 5,452, a 2.1 increase over last month.

Freightliner is the market share leader for September and for the year-to-date.

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