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Keller's Encompass now compatible with Apple products

Apple is very picky with whom it works, so J.J. Keller was pleased that company agreed to work with his company, J.J. Keller President Jim Keller said Saturday. (The Trucker: LYNDON FINNEY)

The Trucker Staff


ORLANDO, Fla. — Fleets now have even greater flexibility when it comes to implementing E-logs as a result of the introduction of Encompass E-Log and fleet management system because the system is now compatible with the iPhone and iPad using Keller mobile, J.J. Keller officials said Saturday during a news conference at the annual meeting of the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference and Exhibition under way here.

“This gives fleets and drivers for something all can use,” J.J. Keller, company president, said. “The Encompass is the industry’s most flexible, easy-to-implement system.”

Previously, the system had been compatible with Android devices, he said.

“Apple is very careful with whom the work and they looked long and hard at our company before granting us this opportunity to work with them,” Keller said. “Not just everyone can partner with Apple.”

Encompass is the first such system in the trucking industry to be compatible with iPhone and iPad, Keller officials said.

“A lot of people have an iPhone or iPad, so why shouldn’t we make an app,” Keller told reporters.

Between Apple products and products of other vendors, electronic devices are widely used, Keller noted.

“At the airport the other day, I counted 30 people and 29 of them had their nose in an iPhone or some other type of electronic device,” he said.

As the nation grows closer to an electronic recording device mandate, the ability of J.J. Keller’s app to run on the iPhone and iPad marks another opportunity for carriers to implement ELDs with greater ease, Keller said.

“Simplifying the move to electronic logs is one of our company’s key priorities,” Keller said. “We have been helping fleets comply with government regulations and improve operations since 1953. This is simply our latest innovation to serve that mission,” Keller said.

The company’s KellerMobile app works with the company’s Gen II ELD/EOBR, installing easily into any commercial vehicle, and unlike any other system on the market, is compatible with all vehicle classes, Keller said, adding that data from ELD/ELBR is instantly transferred to the app, which then transmits the data to the company’s cloud-based Encompass back office system so fleet managers can view, report, track and analyze compliance and performances levels, Keller said.

While the company expects most of its new customer base to come from small and mid-sized fleets, large fleets can also benefit from the new system, Keller said.

The system is priced beginning at $500.