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Trucker was first to report Green Bay bridge sag

A trucker last week first reported that the Green Bay, Wis., bridge was sagging and it took authorities several hours to find out what he said was true. (The Trucker file photo)

The Associated Press


GREEN BAY, Wis. — A trucker was crossing the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge in Green Bay in the early hours last week when he felt something strange underneath his rig — so strange that he reached for his cellphone and dialed 911.

When he reported around 3:45 a.m. that the pavement on the bridge seemed to be sagging, the dispatcher either could not understand him or could not believe it, Press-Gazette Media reported (

"Sagging?" she asked.

The trucker repeated himself and urged the dispatcher to take action.

"I would suggest," he said, "that someone go out there and at least take a look at it."

After being dispatched to investigate, a Green Bay police officer reported about 10 minutes later that nothing appeared unusual. It would be almost another hour before officers realized the 120-foot-tall bridge had, in fact, sagged and that the highway had to be shut down.

Built in 1980, the bridge carries about 40,000 cars a day over the Fox River on Interstate 43. It's one of the city's most vital thoroughfares. Officials have indicated that it could be months or even a year before the bridge reopens. They're still trying to determine why a support pier sank, causing the 2-foot dip in the pavement.

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