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National on-highway diesel drops 2.2 cents to $3.897

All 10 reporting regions saw a drop in diesel prices.

The Trucker Staff


The National on-highway diesel prices were down 2.2 cents from a week ago, making prices $3.897 for the week, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy.

All 10 reporting regions saw a drop in diesel prices. Truckers in the Central Atlantic area saw the biggest drop with 3.0 cents, to $3.967. The lowest decline was in the New England region, with only a 0.6 cent decline, bringing it to $4.040. California again took top prize for the most expensive prices at $4.150. The Gulf Coast saw the lowest prices at $3.805.

Diesel has been on the decline in recent weeks. This week’s prices mark the lowest rate since Sept. 2 at $3.981.

Diesel typically follows oil at a slower rate. U.S. Benchmark oil dropped to $103.03 a barrel for November delivery.

For more details specific prices by reporting region, click here.

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