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Class 8 sales drop 19.3 percent in November

Only the Volvo nameplate sold more trucks in November than it did in October. (Courtesy: VOLVO TRUCKS)

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Sales of Class 8 trucks in November plummeted 19.3 percent from October, the second largest month-over-month decline for months within the calendar year 2013.

January 2013 sales were 27.4 percent lower than December 2012, but sales comparisons from December of one year to January of the next have historically yield some of the largest declines.

Sales of 14,511 in November was the lowest since March when 13,101 units were sold.

But as for fairness in comparisons, October 2013 was the strongest sales month of 2013.

Only one nameplates showed an increase in sales from October to November.

Volvo Trucks sold 1,937 units in November compared with 1,895 in October.

Declines ranged from 9.3 percent at Peterbilt to 41.1 percent at International.

Freightliner led in share of sales in November at 34.6 percent with Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo and International bunched together in a range from 12.8 percent for International to 15.6 percent for Peterbilt.

Freightliner also leads in market share for 2013 with a 36.9 percent share.

The aforementioned Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo and International are bunched together for annual market share.

With the 11-month total of 165,089 sales, there is virtually no chance that 2013 sales will surpass the total in 2012 when 194,715 were sold, despite the fact that December has traditionally been one of the best months for sales.

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