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Maine lawmaker says truckers don’t have a lot of brains

Maine State Rep. Brian Bolduc blasted truckers for creating noise in residential neighborhoods when they use their brakes. (The Trucker file photo)

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AUGUSTA, Maine — A Democratic Maine lawmaker is drawing criticism for an e-mail he wrote slamming truck drivers in which he in essence called them stupid.

In a November e-mail to city officials released by the Maine Republican Party this week, Rep. Brian Bolduc of Auburn complained about noisy truck brakes that cause floors in his neighborhood's homes to rumble and scare pets and children.

"You would think the drivers would have enough common courtesy not to do this in front of residential homes but then again one look at them and you can see they probably don't have a whole hell of a lot of brains in their heads,” he wrote.

Because of the logging and petroleum industry, many trucks weighing more than 80,000 pounds travel Maine highways, often transporting goods between two Canadian provinces that border Maine.

An attempt to lift the ban on heavy trucks on several Maine interstate highways failed to materialize after a pilot program was held, so the heavy trucks have returned to state highways which often lead through the downtown and residential areas of Maine cities and towns.

Maine Republicans called on Democratic lawmakers to denounce the "offensive words."

"For a politician representing a party that claims to look out for working people, showing this level of contempt for those very working people is revealing," Jason Savage, executive director of the party, said in a statement.

Bolduc told the Augusta Sun Journal that the e-mail was "over the line."

"I apologize for expressing my frustration in such an inappropriate manner," he said in a statement.

Auburn Mayor Jonathan LaBonte and the city's police chief told the newspaper they were among the officials who received the e-mail.

Bolduc didn't immediately return requests for comment from The Associated Press.

Editor's note: If you want to contact Bolduc, go to his page on the Maine legislative website at


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