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February Class 8 sales down 4.7percent, 2013 total down 13 percent

Volvo Trucks had the largest percentage increase in sales in February. (The Trucker file photo)

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Class 8 trucks sales fell 4.7 percent in February compared with January, the first time since 2009 that the industry had failed to record an increase in the second month of the year.

A total of 12,546 heavy-duty trucks were sold in February, compared with 13,158 in January.

To date in 2013, 25,704 trucks have been sold compared with 29,537 for the same period last year, a drop of 13 percent.

February 2013 sales were 18.6 percent below February 2012 sales of 15,418, a number that represented a gain of 9.2 over the January 2012 sales figure of 14,119.

As is the norm, the Freightliner nameplate sold the most trucks, 5,406 for a monthly market share of 43.1 percent, but Freightliner’s February sales were down 7.9 percent from January.

Nameplates Volvo (+22.1 percent with sales of 1,266) and Peterbilt (+3.7 percent with sales of 1,638) had increases in February.

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