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Great Dane introduces 'Drive Away with More' campaign

The Great Dane display at MATS incorporated high-tech wizardry into trailer displays, presenting an interactive experience to anyone who wanted to learn more. (The Trucker: CLIFF ABBOTT)

The Trucker Staff


LOUISVILLE, Ky. Great Dane Vice President of Marketing Brandie Fuller introduced a new marketing campaign at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show here Thursday, urging participants to “Drive Away with More.”

The company put on a display that incorporated high-tech wizardry into trailer displays, presenting an interactive experience to anyone who wanted to learn more.

The electronic displays helped add interest to innovative features that might not excite everyone. After all, it can be difficult to generate excitement around the company’s “CorroGuard anti-corrosion coating” or its latest “EnduroGuard rear frame assembly,” but the Great Dane team did their best to convey their enthusiasm for their products, calling their presentation “the Great Dane Innovation Experience.”

“This year’s MATS show is an ideal forum for us to remind the world about what has made Great Dane a leading brand in the trailer industry for almost 100 years,” said Dean Engelage, Great Dane’s Executive VP of sales and strategic planning, “and to showcase the innovations that we believe will enable us to maintain our leadership position for many years to come.”

The Great Dane display featured four of the company’s trailer lines, including the Freedom LP and Freedom XP flatbed models, the Champion SP dry van unit and an Everest TL refrigerated unit.

The Everest LP unit includes Great Dane’s patented ThermoGuard lining package, which reduces the loss of thermal efficiency as the trailer ages. The trailer was equipped with the Thermo-King S-600 Precedent refrigeration unit, and included an upgraded reefer liner package that is included at no additional cost.

The Freedom LP flatbed trailer is a combination steel and aluminum model, while the Freedom XP unit is all aluminum.

The Champion SP dry van featured the EnduroGuard rear frame assembly that combines “galvannealed” steel with stainless steel to create an effective barrier against corrosion as well as Great Dane’s exclusive CorroGuard corrosion protection coating on the landing gear and undercarriage, a PROLAM floor with full-length PuR undercoating and a WAXIN top coating, all designed for less downtime and increased productivity.

Dry van and refrigerated trailers both featured a Laydon Composites TrailerSkirt for improved aerodynamics.

Also in the booth was an interactive display unveiling the company’s latest technological tool, the Great Dane mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phones.

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