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Prime inc. to include TrailerTail on all remaining new trailers for 2013

Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics

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ATDynamics, a global supplier of semi-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, announced Thursday at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., that Prime inc., one of the largest refrigerated trucking fleets in the United States, is installing fuel-saving TrailerTail aerodynamic fairings on all remaining new trailers purchased by Prime in 2013.

“It’s starting to become a familiar sight on the road and the new normal,” said Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics, adding that more than 160 fleets have had full fleet adoptions of the TrailerTail.

A large percentage of Prime’s fleet is comprised of independent owner-operator drivers who pay for their own fuel and who will directly benefit from Prime’s investment in fuel efficient TrailerTail-equipped trailers, Smith said.

After extensive technology evaluation, including independent SAE Type II J1321 testing and wind tunnel testing, Prime found that a combination of TrailerTails and trailer skirts provided the greatest fuel savings at highway speed of any commercially available fairing technology, Smith said.

Smith said during the Thursday news conference that the TrailerTails have a savings of 3 cents per highway mile, adding about a 7 percent increase in income minus expenses for an owner-operator. The TrailerTail costs $2,200, with discounts to fleets Smith called “significant,” but did not name a specific amount.  

“Many fleets which use owner-operators to pull their freight resist investing in fuel efficient trailer equipment or do the bare minimum to comply with regulations,” said Paul

Higgins, Prime inc.’s director of maintenance. “We believe that maximizing the fuel efficiency of our trailer fleet is in the long-term best interest of our drivers, the environment and the company’s bottom line. Our investment in TrailerTail technology will enhance the stability and safety of our trailers and raise the pay of our independent contractors helping them send more money home to their families.”

More than 12,000 ATDynamics TrailerTails are currently deployed in the United States with more than 50,000 expected on U.S. highways by 2014, Smith said.


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