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Expanded driver recruiting service released

CDL Career Now is able to locate, identify and screen driver applicants, plus the company maintains close working relationships with more than 30 driver training schools.

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BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - Jobs.CDLCareerNow.com has launched a new expanded website portal to help recruit and develop more qualified driver leads for motor carriers of all sizes.

The company armed with valuable recruiting experience serving private and for-hire fleets is created specifically to recruit individuals seeking CDL training and truck driver job placement assistance opportunities.

By allowing motor carriers to customize their recruitment application, the company markets the exact driver requirements of the motor carriers. CDL Career Now is able to locate, identify and screen driver applicants, plus the company maintains close working relationships with more than 30 driver training schools.

"We offer a cost-effective marketing solution for a fleet's recruiting staff," said Craig Jablonski, president of CDL Career Now (http://jobs.cdlcareernow.com/). "The company has generated over 150,000 qualified applicants (both new and experienced drivers) in its 24 months of existence."

More than 15 fleets are experiencing success with this "innovation solution." Loyal customers include Domino's Pizza supply chain, Stevens Transport, Rush Trucking, a national auto-hauler, and a large driver staffing company.

Here’s how it works:

1.    A prospective driver enters cdlcareernow.com and searches for companies hiring in his or her area.

2.    The driver has the option to choose which company is the best fit by reading carriers' customer job descriptions and viewing the requirements

3.    Interested drivers apply and are screened with the specific qualifications required by the carrier

4.    If qualified, applicants are delivered immediately to a fleet's recruiting staff (those drivers not selected are notified as a courtesy).

According to Jablonski, his company's unique value proposition includes real-time delivery of fresh and current driver prospects. Also, driver applicants are geo-targeted within the fleets' designated recruiting areas, are exclusive to that client, and all driver candidates are qualified according to the fleet's specifications.

"The motor carrier only pays a nominal fee for each qualified applicant, and the service is free to the prospective driver applicant," emphasized Jablonski.  "We're making recruiting efforts easy and more cost-effective while filling the void in driver shortages around the country."

According to the Department of Labor, employment for heavy-duty commercial truck drivers is projected to grow 21 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The company feels that as the economy grows, the demand for goods will increase, and more truck drivers will be needed to keep supply chains productive. 

CDL Career Now is a Web-based recruiting tool service delivering an innovative solution to freight hauling operations nationwide, as well as driver training schools. Its program offers a cost-effective way for carriers to reach prospective drivers while making recruiters efforts more effective by only sending qualified and geo-targeted applicants.

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