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Georgia governor signs two transportation bills

One of two bill signe by Gov. Nathan Deal allows the Georgia DOT to enhance a program designed to streamline construction to hopefully relieve some congestion. (The Trucker file photo)

The Associated Press


ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal has signed two transportation bills into law that aim to help the state move forward on major projects.

Deal signed the bills Thursday at an event at the Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The first, House Bill 202, provides greater flexibility for the state to distribute funds for interstate improvements and major regional projects, including deepening the shipping channel to the busy Port of Savannah.

Deal says the bill will allow the state to "better prioritize transportation projects that help to create jobs, decrease traffic holdup for freight and quicken the flow of goods to Georgians."

The second, Senate Bill 70, allows the state Department of Transportation to enhance its Design Build program, which is designed to streamline construction and improve innovation.

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