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American Central Transport nets safety award from Great West Casualty, trucking groups

Above is American Central Transport's safety award, which ACT President Tom Kretsinger Jr. said was from a team effort.

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LIBERTY, Mo. —  The Missouri Trucking Association and the Great West Casualty Co., in conjunction with the American Trucking Associations, has presented American Central Transport (ACT) with an award for more than 5 million miles of accident-free miles of driving.

“Safety and compliance are critical success factors for both drivers and trucking companies in the 21st century trucking environment,” said Tom B. Kretsinger Jr., president and COO of Liberty, Mo.-based ACT and current chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association. “It takes a team effort from drivers, safety and operations to excel.  I am proud of the team at ACT.  We do things right … it is the right thing to do.”

ACT participates in safe driving awards programs through several associations, including the Missouri Trucking Association.

“The number of trucks on the highways and the number of miles they travel increases each year. The good news — while miles increase, the number of accidents involving truckers has decreased,” Jack Curry, ACT safety director, said. “Why? Because truck drivers know the rules of the road and practice and live by them.  People like to excel and truckers are no exception.”

Each year Great West Casualty Co. honors the top two carriers in several divisions, including local, over 1 million miles and over 5 million miles.

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