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National Carriers Inc. offers seniority pay increases for drivers

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National Carriers Inc. announced a seniority pay increase for company drivers effective with dispatches on June 1, 2013.

One cent per mile will be paid to a company driver with six months of continuous service, an additional cent per mile will be paid for two years continuous of service and another additional cent per mile will be paid for 5 years of continuous service, company officials said.

 A company driver with 5 years of continuous service will receive an additional three cents per dispatched mile beginning with dispatches on June 1. National Carriers officials said in a press release, “it is critical to show our deep appreciation for the loyalty these long time drivers have for the 'Elite' fleet.“

National Carriers is recognized as one of the leading refrigerated and livestock transportation firms in the United States. National Carriers terminals are in Irving, Texas; Liberal, Kan.; Denison, Iowa; and Brawley, Calif.


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