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OOIDA board member appointed to National Freight Advisory Committee

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A member of the board of directors from the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, OOIDA, has been appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to the National Freight Advisory Committee. Terry Button, of Rushville, NY, will provide recommendations to improve the national freight system along with other members of the committee, all who come from outside the Department of Transportation, OOIDA officials said.

“As a full-time farmer and truck driver, Mr. Button clearly comes with a background in two segments that are absolutely critical to the economic viability of the country,” said Todd Spencer, OOIDA executive vice-president. “His hands on perspective on these issues will be a key component to transportation planning on this committee.”

Button is the only member of the committee specifically with experience in small-business trucking and transportation, Spencer said.

The committee is made up of individuals representing various perspectives on transportation policies. They will serve two-year terms and meet at least three times per year.

The first NFAC meeting is scheduled for June 25, 2013, at the Department of Transportation. The meeting is open to the public. The committee will provide recommendations to the Secretary of Transportation on how the DOT can improve its freight transportation policies and programs.

OOIDA, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is the largest national trade association representing the interests of small-business trucking professionals and professional truck drivers. It has more than 150,000 members nationwide.

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