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Pennsylvania House GOP stance on road funding takes shape

By Marc Levy
The Associated Press


LEMOYNE, Pa. — The stance of top House Republicans on the push to increase funding for Pennsylvania's highways, bridges and mass transit agencies is beginning to take shape.

One top House Republican, Whip Stan Saylor, said Thursday that passage of a bill to privatize the state liquor store system will be crucial to some members before they vote on legislation to raise wholesale fuel taxes.

Meanwhile, House Transportation Committee Chairman Dick Hess says he's likely to support legislation that's smaller than a $2.5 billion bill advancing in the Senate, but bigger than Gov. Tom Corbett's $1.8 billion plan.

They spoke after appearing at a news conference with Corbett. The governor was using a new bridge across Interstate 83 in suburban Harrisburg as the backdrop for his latest plea for more transportation funding.

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