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SkyBitz, Pana-Pacific announce partnership

As a result of this strategic partnership, Pana-Pacific can now offer SkyBitz products for locating, monitoring and managing assets

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HERNDON, Va. —  SkyBitz, a provider of remote asset tracking and information management solutions, and Pana-Pacific, a supplier and engineering partner to commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers, have announced a partnership agreement that allows Pana-Pacific to market and resell SkyBitz mobile asset tracking and management products to the transportation and logistics markets.

As a result of this strategic partnership, Pana-Pacific can now offer SkyBitz products for locating, monitoring and managing assets, according to Pana-Pacific President John Trenberth.

Customers gain improved utilization, efficiencies and a lower total cost of ownership through optimizing existing resources while cutting costs, he said.

“Pana-Pacific’s strategy is to partner with industry leading companies to provide best-in-class products to today’s fleets,” Trenberth said. “SkyBitz is an ideal partner based on their established reputation for providing the broadest portfolio of reliable asset visibility, optimization and management solutions. Our shared focus on innovation and customer service ensures our customers have access to advanced, cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement and use.”

SkyBitz specializes in real-time decision-making tools for companies with unpowered mobile assets, such as the trailers managed by the trucking fleets that Pana-Pacific serves.

Their innovative solutions are able to calculate asset position in mere seconds, dramatically reducing power consumption and the cost and inconvenience associated with frequent battery replacement.

As a result, fleets get position reports faster and with less power consumption and longer battery life, according to Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager of SkyBitz. 

“Pana-Pacific has been a trusted partner to an extensive network of customers for over 40 years — that, combined with deep-rooted domain expertise, makes them the right partner to align with to bring our solutions to a wider customer base,” Popplewell said. “We are excited to work with Pana-Pacific to provide valuable solutions that equipment owners and operators, managers and drivers rely on to optimize efficiency, increase compliance and improve customer satisfaction.”

SkyBitz’s web-based application, SkyBitz InSight, provides managers complete visibility of all their tagged assets and allows them to run customizable management and operational reports for each trailer in their fleet. All of this allows them to improve customer satisfaction through reduction of delays and improving on time delivery. Also, it allows them to increase operating efficiencies by increasing revenue loads per trailer, reducing turn cycle times and ensuring optimal operating conditions and yard management.

 For more information about SkyBitz products now available through Pana-Pacific, call (800) 726-2636 or visit www.panapacific.com/skybitz.

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