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Feedback sought on images of Route 47 Missouri River Bridge

The Associated Press


The Missouri Department of Transportation is showing motorists of Franklin and Warren Counties the images of the new Route 47 Missouri River Bridge located in Washington. Motorists can view images of the new bridge and provide their feedback by submitting comments on MoDOT's website through the following link: www.modot.org/stlouis/major_projects/Route47BridgeoverMissouriRiver.htm.

MoDOT will receive comments until August 1, 2013. Images of the new bridge will be available at the Washington City Council meeting held on Monday, July 1. Images of the bridge will remain on display at the city hall.

"MoDOT and our partners are very excited to show the community images of the new bridge. MoDOT and our design firm understand how important this bridge is to the community and would like feedback on its new design," said Judy Wagner, MoDOT Area Engineer for Franklin County. "We are excited there is funding to replace the bridge and will begin construction in late 2016."

The bridge provides a vital link between Warren County to the north and Franklin County to the south. It needs to be replaced because of its deteriorating condition as it is a vital link for the community. The proposed new bridge would provide wider, safer and more efficient travel for many motorists traveling between Franklin and Warren Counties. The new bridge is currently in the design phase. The estimated cost for this project is $55 million.

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