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Class 8 truck sales in summer doldrums with 3.7% July decline from June

Volvo was up 36.8 percent with sales of 2,012 compared with 1,471 last month.

The Trucker Staff


The so-called dog days of summer 2013 not only included the weather, but Class 8 truck sales, too.

According to data supplied by Ward’s Automotive, July Class 8 sales in the United States totaled 15,340, a 3.7 percent decline from June’s figure of 15,929.

The news for year-to-date is not good, either.

So far in 2013, 101,180 Class 8 trucks have been sold in the U.S., a drop of 12.5 percent from 2012’s seven-month sales of 115,667.

Sales have been stuck in the 15,000 range for the past four months with average sales of 15,593 during that time frame.

Last year, an average of 17,285 trucks were sold during those four months, so the 2013 data represents a decline of 9 percent year-over-year for those four months.

Three name plates had increased sales in July — Western Star was up 37.4 percent with sales of 261 trucks compared with 190 last month, Volvo was up 36.8 percent with sales of 2,012 compared with 1,471 last month and Kenworth was up 3.7 percent with sales of 2,093 compared with 2,018 last month.

Freightliner continues to be the market share leader with a 34.3 percent share for July and a 38.2 percent share year-to-date.

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