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The Trucker Facebook followers react to court HOS ruling

The Trucker Staff


Truckers were chomping at the bit to comment after the U.S. Court of Appeals sided with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today, upholding the most recent set of Hours of Service regulations.

The regulations, which came into effect July 1, stated that a 34-hour restart can be used just once every 168 hours and must include two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. time periods. Truckers are also required to take a 30-minute break before working eight consecutive hours.

The court did vacate the requirement for drivers across the board to take the 30-minute break. Short-haul drivers, ones that drive only 150 miles, will not be required to take a 30-minute break.

On The Trucker Facebook page, followers have been expressing their frustration for months, stating many times that those making the rules do not understand what a trucker goes through on a daily basis. Below are responses from some Facebooking truckers in response to the ruling:

Connie Smith: We haul Bulk commodities … half the time they order a product and then aren't ready for it when we get there. Waits of 4-12 or more hours, same with going to get a load and a product NOT ready, or plant is Broke Down, or NO correct Broker load number!! We are Still ON Duty Waiting either way. These HOS will put us out of a 15 year Business!!! Yep make more Stupid Rules and next time You need Anything from the Gas Station, or Store … the Shelves and Pumps will be Empty … we will be doing our Best to Sell our Trucks!

Benny Take Off Robinson: If a shipper or receiver complains about you being late, refer them to FCMSA and give then their 800 number.

David Clark: The only bad part of this law is the 34-hr restart !! It is asinine! Trucking companies will fail, drivers will fail and the economy, trucking companies will have to put on more drivers to cover shortages created by this so products can be delivered!! Then they will go bankrupt, truckers will lose jobs, companies won’t get there goods. What are these people thinking when they pass these kinda of laws!!!

Paul Adams: They don't care how it affects drivers. As long as they look good and keep their power they will do whatever they want. Rules like this will only hurt trucking and eventually the economy. Then there will be stiffer rules to help fix the problems they created.

Lisa Williams: &%$#@!!!!

Mike Williams: I think the 30 min break doesn’t help at all because at the end of the day you cannot find any truck parking at all and truck stops are full and rest areas are full. I don’t think it helps out at all; you have trucks racked and stacked up on top of each other.

Mark Woodward: What will you do if they try to reduce the speed you can drive at?? We had all this with the breaks years ago in Europe and we all said it would take trucking down but in the end it works.

Charlie Nowicki: Adapt or get out. I work for a three-truck owner. Yes we losing a load a week, yes we adapted, so yes we will keep on trucking … and yes if he decides to close up shop, I’ll find me another seat.

Kevin Keiser: I don't think the 30 minute break rule does anything to fight fatigue. Two 15 minute breaks to get out and stretch would be better.

Porter M Corn: Reading the opinion now. Not surprising, although the thought process that went into this opinion is interesting. What strikes me is the Court stating that the so-called safety groups have no standing in this cause, especially since they’re the ones who pushed for this mess.

Dave Mitchell: Thanks to this wonderful new rule I lose about three hours. Doesn't sound like much but add it over a year, that’s a lot when you get paid by the hour. Thanks Anne job well done; don't understand how someone can sit behind there little desk and know how things should be done. All this does is push a driver harder to get things done and find somewhere to park for the eight hour.

Jäson Hawkins: Somehow some way a shut-down must be organized!

Kevin McGrath: I think the 30-minute break should be adjusted to a cumulative 30 minutes in the first 8 hours. I run pretty long hauls and there are usually two or three days I just drive. I already stop a couple of times for a bathroom break or to stretch my legs and now I have to factor in the added 30 minutes. I can't take it before 6 or I will have to take two, so there are at least one, usually two rest stops before I get to 6. I would rather take three 10's and just keep rolling. I think this will have minimal effect on Safety. It feels more like someone justifying their job than making positive change.

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