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SmartTruck launches ‘SmartTruck Road Team’ for owner-operators

Snow Farms Trucking owner Daniel Snow says owner-operators are "a dying breed" and must adapt to changes in the industry and become astute business people. (The Trucker: LYNDON FINNEY)

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DALLAS – SmartTruck is launching a free new program for owner-operators using its aerodynamic UnderTray Systems.

The company introduced the first members of the Road Team Thursday here at the 2013 Great American Trucking Show (GATS): Daniel and Jayme Snow, owners of Snow Farms Trucking; Denny Boatman, owner of Denny Boatman Trucking, and Michael Wallace a Landstar BCO.

The program is designed to deliver educational information on the benefits of improved aerodynamics to the trucking industry. As part of the SmartTruck Road Team program, owner-operators will receive a gift pack, aerodynamic education material, referral incentives, and special access at public parties as well as strategic information on enhancing their business as an owner-operator.

“Owner-operators are the lifeblood of the trucking industry, and they recognize value and ROI when they see it,” said Mitch Greenberg, chief commercial officer of SmartTruck. “However, aerodynamics can be a complicated topic. Through the SmartTruck Road Team, we’re providing owner-operators with information on the benefits of aerodynamic upgrades and how to increase their fuel efficiency with the best technology choices. We also want to show our appreciation for owner-operators as often as we can through events like tonight’s GATS Parking Lot Party.”

Assisting with the program is Kevin Rutherford, host of the radio program “Trucking Business and Beyond.” An industry veteran, Rutherford is considered one of the top experts in growing a successful owner-operator business. “My goal is to help teach owner-operators how to make more money from their trucking businesses. The SmartTruck Road Team program fits in well with what we do,” said Rutherford.

The SmartTruck Road Team program is available to current and future UnderTray System owners. Those interested in the program can call the SmartTruck owner-operator hotline (866-986-8623) to join.

“Owner-operators take pride in their rig—how they look, how they operate—and take pride in their personal business being successful,” said Greenberg. “We want to help them be more efficient and tell their story, so the industry as a whole grows in its understanding and use of aerodynamic systems.”

“We have never seen fuel mileage like this in all of our years of trucking,” said Daniel Snow, owner of Snow Farms Trucking. “We will proudly talk with any truck driver anywhere to share our positive experience with SmartTruck.”

“The SmartTruck system delivers durability and fuel performance,” said owner-operator Denny Boatman. “I save over 500 dollars a month in fuel, so I will only pull a SmartTruck-equipped trailer.”

Building on its aerodynamic background in the aerospace, motorsports and automotive industries, SmartTruck is bringing the next generation of aerodynamic products to the trucking industry. SmartTruck is headquartered in Greenville, S.C. For more information, visit the SmartTruck website at