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uDrove unveils app, ELD that assists with Hours of Service

Nick Reed, general manager of uDrove. (The Trucker: Aprille Hanson).

The Trucker Staff


DALLAS — uDrove Friday announced its uDrove Pro and uDrove Prime products aimed at helping fleets and drivers keep compliant with the new Hours of Service regulations that began being enforced July 1.
"We're excited to get this product installed in fleets," said Scott Moscrip, president and CEO of Internet Truckstop, at the 2013 Great American Trucking Show here Friday. 
uDrove Pro is a combination of an electronic logbook technology and a smart app (available on both smartphones and tablets) that has "accurate HOS logs, inspection and diagnostic reports, electronic proof-of-delivery documents, tracking IFTA/IRP reporting and fuel and business receipt capturing," according to a press release.
Nick Reed, general manager of uDrove, said the product consists of three main parts:
- Smart phone app: The app allows drivers to check their hours, create a trip management plan and take photos of receipts or even maintenance problems on the truck to allow fleet managers to see the problem.
-ELD: This is available for other heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles and easy to install. Reed said, "It's a plug-and play-method and easy to install so drivers can hit the road."
-Back Office website: Fleet managers are able able to get realtime data on drivers, including where they are, their speed at certain points and how close they are to being in violation of HOS regulations. The website keeps six months of backlogs, required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Customers can also track where the load is at by logging onto udrove.com, eliminating the need for calls, Reed said.
uDrove Prime also provides data in realtime for short-haul drivers so that they're able to share information with Department of Transportation officials or others more quickly, Reed said.
The cost varies, but Reed said the hardware itself (ELD) costs about $300.
The app is free to download, but a monthly service contract costs between $25 to $40 a month, Reed said. 
The technology ultimately allows drivers to navigate new HOS regulations more easily, he added.
With HOS changes, it's been more difficult to calculate HOS and figure out how to best utalize driving time, Reed said. "uDrove does that for them."

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