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Plans for new New Hampshire-Vermont bridge on draft 10-year plan

The $45.7 million project has the support of New Hampshire and Vermont officials.

The Associated Press


HINSDALE, N.H. — A plan to rehabilitate Connecticut River bridge traffic has made it onto a draft proposal of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation's 10-year improvement plan.

The $45.7 million project has the support of New Hampshire and Vermont officials. They tell the Brattleboro Reformer ( they view a new bridge as a necessity for safety and economic prosperity.

Hinsdale is reachable from Brattleboro, Vt., via two truss bridges built in 1920. The Anna Hunt Marsh Bridge links Brattleboro to Hinsdale Island, which is connected to Hinsdale by the Charles Dana Bridge.

JB Mack, principal planner for the Southwest Region Planning Commission, has said federal highway standards say the bridges are too narrow, with insufficient weight limits and clearances.

The new bridge would begin near the stop light at the former Wal-Mart location in Hinsdale, stretch across the Connecticut River and touch down near the Merrill Gas Company tank farm in Brattleboro.

The current bridges are used by emergency services and freight trucks, and shoppers. People go to Hinsdale to shop at Wal-Mart and several fireworks stores and Brattleboro has a downtown area filled with mom-and-pop businesses and eateries.

Michael Darcy, chairman of the Hinsdale Board of Selectmen, said Darcy said Hinsdale and Brattleboro are a shared community and it is important to keep the bridge issue "on the front burner."


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