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TURBO3000D® announces special anniversary pricing

Company CEO, Andrew S. Matuch, announced today that the TURBO3000D® will be offered at the reduced price of $149.99 through October 31, 2013.

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In honor of their fourteenth anniversary in business, TURBO3000D® announced special pricing for a limited time on their performance-enhancing, fuel saving device.

Company CEO, Andrew S. Matuch, announced today that the TURBO3000D® will be offered at the reduced price of $149.99 through October 31, 2013. This price, in conjunction with other purchase incentives, will bring a total savings of over $100 per unit. This $100 in savings from the normal price is in addition to the savings the customer obtains with the 10 percent increase in fuel economy from the TURBO3000D®, company officials said.

“Our company’s growth and industry success is directly attributed to the thousands of owner-operators and small fleets who have used our product as a crucial tool in lowering their fuel and operating costs while staying in line with a commitment to energy conservation and a cleaner environment,” Matuch said. “The trust of the owner-operators and small fleets over the last fourteen years, has fueled the growth of the TURBO3000D distribution network which includes Travel Centers of America/Petro Lube Centers, IOWA 80, the Truck Pro Stores and Schneider Maintenance Centers, as well as others.’

He added: ‘This is TURBO3000D’s way of thanking our current customers and welcoming new customers. It is also perfect timing, as we have additionally launched our new diesel/utility pickup truck line of installation kits. Now, not only can the large class 8 truck customers utilize our product, but anyone using a diesel pickup truck for business or personal use can enjoy the benefits of the TURBO3000D.  Customers have reported significant increases in truck performance and fuel economy in the Ford PowerStroke, Chevy Duramax and Dodge Cummins diesels.’

The TURBO3000D® is a more affordable alternative to electronic tuners and microchips, Matuch said. It requires no tuning or adjusting.  It is a simple installation, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance, company officials said. TURBO3000D®does not void manufacturers’ warranties and is manufactured in the USA.

With technology that is constantly changing, the TURBO3000D® remains a technologically advanced precision retrofit product that brings affordable relief from the ever-rising cost of fuel, while increasing performance, Matuch said.

For more information, visit their website at TURBO3000D.com or call them at 877-526-7728 for a complete listing of distributors.

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