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December truck sales up 35.7%; annual tally below 2012

The name plate Freightliner topped the chart with 6,731 sales. Pictured is the Cascadia. (Courtesy: DAIMLER TRUCKS NORTH AMERICA)

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December has always been a big month for Class 8 truck sales in the United States and 2013 turned out to be no exception.

According to Ward’s Automotive, Class 8 sales in the United States reached 19,695, the most monthly sales since December 2011 when 20,939 units were sold. The 2013 figure was 8.6 percent higher than December 2012.

December sales were a whopping 35.7 percent higher than November and was the largest month-over-month increase since March 2004, when sales increased 39.3 percent over the previous month.

The annual 2013 sales total of 184,784 was a 5.1 percent decrease over 2012’s sales of 194,715.

As is always the normal, the name plate Freightliner topped the chart with 6,731 sales.

The Daimler product ended the years with sales of 67,568 units and a 36.6 percent market share compared with a 32.9 percent market share in 2013.

Every name plate posted a sales increase in December compared with November with Mack Trucks topping the list with an 88.5 percent gain on sales of 2,330 units compared with 1,236 in November.

Only Peterbilt with an 8.3 percent increase failed to reach a double digit gain.

Other name plates that increased market share in 2013 included Peterbilt and Mack Trucks.

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