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Massive maple syrup spill snarls Oklahoma traffic

The tanker started leaking its load of syrup on I-44 in NW Oklahoma City leaving the right lane slick from NW 39 Street to SW 89. (Photo: PAUL B. SOUTHERLAND/

The Associated Press


OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says drivers should avoid parts of Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City after a tanker leaked syrup for miles along the roadway.

Crews shut down the right lane of westbound Interstate 44 between Northwest 36th Street and Southwest 89th Street after discovering the spill Wednesday morning. The highway patrol says crews are bringing in sand to help clean up the slippery mess.

Authorities say the tanker was hauling 48,000 gallons of syrup to a Braum's restaurant. Police say the driver apparently drove for miles without noticing the leaking syrup.

Authorities say the spill is not considered an environmental hazard, but the sticky substance is making roads slippery. The lane closure is expected to last throughout the morning as the Department of Transportation applies sand to the road.

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