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Diesel down only 0.1 cents to $4.016

The highest overall price was in New England at $4.389.

The Trucker Staff


U.S. on-highway diesel prices dropped by a mere 0.1 cents, making it $4.016 for the week compared to $4.017 last week, according to the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy.
Six of the 10 reporting regions rose in prices, the most dramatic of which was 3.3 cents in the Rocky Mountain sector, making prices $3.983 for the week. The lowest price jump was in New England and the West Coast both at only 0.3 cents,making the prices $4.389 and $4.038, respectively. The Gulf Coast saw the biggest drop in price by 1.3 cents, making it $3.793 for the week. It also was the region with the lowest overall diesel price.

The highest overall price was in New England at $4.389.

Diesel is down compared to a year ago when diesel was $4.13 the first week in March. It's the first decline in diesel price since Jan. 20, 2014 when the price was $3.873.

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