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On-highway diesel up 0.4 cents to $3.975

The national on-highway price was up to $3.975 Monday, compared with $3.971 a gallon last week.

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Diesel prices were a mixed bag Monday as prices-per-gallon went down in four of the Energy Information Administration’s 10 reporting sectors but up in six regions — and also up 0.4 cents a gallon for the national average.

The national on-highway price was up to $3.975 Monday, compared with $3.971 a gallon last week.

The East Coast, New England, Central Atlantic and Lower Atlantic regions all reported dropped diesel prices, by not by much. Along the East Coast, truckers were paying $4.065 at the pump Monday, down from $4.070 the week prior; in New England, diesel was selling for $4.208 compared with $4.212 last week; truckers were shelling out $4.185 a gallon in the Central Atlantic region Monday compared with $4.191 last Monday; and in the Lower Atlantic reporting sector, diesel was still below the $4-a-gallon mark — to $3.949 — compared with $3.953 last week.

Prices in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain, West Coast, West Coast Less California and California sectors all increased, although only the West Coast and California reporting regions were showing prices above $4 a gallon.

Not surprisingly, truckers in California were paying the most for diesel Monday, $4.140 a gallon compared with $4.102 a gallon the week before.

After struggling around $100 a barrel for a week or more, oil prices have gradually eased up because of tension in oil-producing countries, most recently in the Ukraine, so diesel had to follow along for the ride.

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