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Diesel down 1.1 cents to $3.964 a gallon

Diesel has been below $4 a gallon nationally since March 24. (The Trucker: APRILLE HANSON)

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The national on-highway diesel price dropped by just barely above a penny a gallon Monday to $3.964, and in fact all 10 reporting regions of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) saw prices decrease from the week prior.

Diesel follows oil and oil prices have been kept in check by new data pointing to a continuing slowdown in China, the world's second-largest economy, and the possibility of lower energy demand, coupled with more crude supplies coming in from the Bakken region of the Northern Plains near Bainville, Montana, pushing U.S. crude supplies to a new record.

Diesel had inched up four tenths of a penny last week to $3.975 a gallon.

Diesel has been below $4 a gallon nationally since March 24.

However, prices are still up 11.9 cents a gallon nationally from what they were a year ago at this same time, proving that it’s all what becomes the norm after awhile.

New England prices were down the most, 2.7 cents a gallon to $4.181 compared with $4.208 the week prior. Rocky Mountain prices were down the least, only fourth tenths of a penny ($3.978 vs. $3.982 the week of April 28).

For more details on pricing in other EIA reporting regions click here.

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