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Truck sales see a 1.2 percent increase

Volvo posted a 7.9 percent gain with sales of 2,464 in May compared with 2,284 in April. (The Trucker file photo)

The Trucker Staff


The number of Class 8 trucks sold in the United States in May was more than the previous month, but barely.

According to Ward’s Information Products, 17,990 Class 89 trucks were sold last month compared with 17,776 in April, representing a 1.2 percent increase.

The big gain is in year-over-year figures.

Class 8 sales in May 2013 were 15,460, so the May 2014 number is a 16.4 percent year-over-year increase.

What’s more, the total sales for 2014 is an increase of 14.9 percent for the same period in 2013 with 80,313 total sales in 2014 compared with 69,911.

For those in the trucking industry who are expecting perhaps a 200,000-plus total sales figure in 2014, the year-to-date figure for 2014 might be cause for at least a little concern.

In 2012 when annual sales totaled 194,715, Ward’s said 81,762 trucks were sold during the first five months.

As for May 2014, the big gainers were Western Star, Peterbilt and Volvo.

Western Star, the smallest of the major OEMs in terms of monthly sales, had a 22.5 percent increase with sales of 316 trucks compared with 258 last month.

Peterbilt posted an 8.4 percent gain with sales of 2,368 compared with 2,185 in April, and Volvo posted a 7.9 percent gain with sales of 2,464 in May compared with 2,284 in April.

Freightliner continued a strong hold on market share leadership, hold a May share of 35 percent and a year-to-date share of 35.5 percent, in both instances some 20 percent points above the nearest brand.  

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