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Maverick Transportation announces several changes to driver compensation plan

“This plan was created to reward those drivers who deliver the highest level of service and safety,” said Vice President of Operations, John Coppens. (Photo courtesy Maverick)

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Maverick Transportation has recently announced several changes to their driver pay scale, including substantial mileage pay increases. These pay increases will impact all incoming drivers, from those straight out of driving school to those with a year or more of experience.

Under the previous plan, new drivers had to wait several months to participate in Maverick’s Pay for Performance (PFP) program. Under the new plan, all incoming over-the-road drivers will receive an introductory PFP rate, which effectively raises their mileage pay by $.02 - $.04/mile across the board once they go solo. This will bring Maverick’s starting pay to $.35 - $.53/mile depending on experience level and division. After factoring in accessorial pay items (i.e. tarp pay for flatbed drivers) professional drivers at Maverick can expect to average between $51,000 and $58,000 during their first year of employment, depending on their experience level and division when hired.

Students directly out of driving school will receive an additional $.02/mile, while drivers with 6-11 months of experience will receive an additional $.03/mile and those with a year or more of experience will start out a full $.04/mile higher. Add in Maverick’s first year incremental pay raises and by the end of their first year of employment, brand new drivers just out of driving school will effectively have received an additional $.02 - $.04/mile increase in their starting pay, a pay raise at three months, another pay raise at six months and yet another at one year. Students are also eligible for an $800 graduation bonus, tuition reimbursement, and paid Orientation/Training.

Maverick’s more tenured drivers have been on the PFP plan since 2013. Under this unique bonus plan, professional truck drivers at Maverick are paid additional mileage pay bonuses, based on a key set of metrics. These bonuses range from $.01 - $.06/mile and are paid on all miles the following quarter.

“This plan was created to reward those drivers who deliver the highest level of service and safety,” said Vice President of Operations, John Coppens. “It’s been extremely well received by our current fleet with over 70% of our fleet receiving some type of PFP bonus,” added Coppens. “Drivers can also check their real time PFP ‘scorecard’ via in cab technology, their mobile device, or their home computer.”

“Most, if not all, tenured Maverick drivers are reaping the financial rewards of the PFP program. Now all drivers can reap those rewards, including new hires,” said Director of Recruiting Brad Vaughn. “This basically bridges the gap between when a new driver is hired and when he/she becomes eligible to participate in Maverick’s PFP program. It’s an introductory PFP rate until such time the new driver can earn his/her own rate.”

This is the second pay raise Maverick has announced in the last 30 days, as these pay changes come on the heels of Maverick’s announcement that they increased pay in their USA division by $.02/mile across the board in late June. This increase brings a Maverick driver’s first year earnings average to over $57,000, for all experience levels in the USA division.

“This is an average, so you have to keep in mind that a driver in this division with over one year of experience will be closer to the $60,500 mark, while drivers right out of driving school will be closer to the $53,000 mark,” said Vaughn.

The goal of this increase was to compensate those drivers that are away from home for longer periods of time than Maverick’s regional fleet.

Founded in 1980, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and operating over 1,400 units, Maverick provides OTR and dedicated service to the flatbed, glass and temperature controlled transportation markets throughout North America.

To learn more about driving opportunities available with Maverick Transportation, call the recruiting department at 800-289-1100 or visit the website at You can also connect with Maverick on Facebook at or on Twitter @drivemaverick.

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