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TripCargo replaces CargoMate as ‘all risk’ policy for better customer protection

The TripCargo website does not require a phone call or verbal authorization to complete the transaction, McGinnis said.

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Freight brokers, shippers and trucking companies now have greater access to purchase single trip cargo insurance.

McGriff, Seibels and Williams have announced the release of TripCargo, an updated replacement of CargoMate that for five years has been used by many leading companies in the transportation and shipping industry.

TripCargo is an “all risks” coverage policy and unlike “excess” or “spike” insurance provides coverage on the entire load and limit as selected at purchase on freight moving throughout all 50 states and Canada. Users of TripCargo will find coverage on a wide range of commodities from temperature sensitive products to steel, copper, oversize freight and many more, according to Brett McGinnis, vice president.

Using a customized “all risks” form, coverage includes unattended vehicle, acts of God and hijacking, to name a few.

The TripCargo website does not require a phone call or verbal authorization to complete the transaction, McGinnis said. “By completing a few online questions in less than two minutes, you will have your quote. You always have the ability to quote as much as you like and it is always free. When purchased, the certificate is instantly generated and sent via e-mail allowing freight to move fast and with confidence the load is fully insured.”

McGinnis noted that several entities benefit, including:

• Freight brokers can increase their carrier base and remove the question “do you have the right limits and coverage,” for better customer protection.

• Trucking companies can secure and move higher-paying freight without wasting valuable time waiting for an insurance agent’s response or underwriter’s approval.

• Shippers have the confidence of knowing that their load is covered.

Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1886, McGriff, Seibles & Williams operates as a separate, wholly owned subsidiary of BB&T Insurance Services. Combined, McGriff/BB&T is the sixth largest insurance broker worldwide with more than $1 billion in combined revenues and over $6 billion in annual premium volume.

For more information, visit tripcargo.com.    

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