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Epes purchases Clay Hyder Truck Lines

Epes is the largest private trucking company in North Carolina. (The Trucker file photo)

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Epes Transport System has purchased Clay Hyder Truck Lines, currently located in Hickory, N.C.

The acquisition includes 17 independent contractors and approximately 85 trailers.

Clay Hyder was primarily a short-haul regional truckload carrier, but also provided over-the-road service.

As no terminal facility was included in the purchase, all dispatch functions for this additional fleet will be managed from Epes’ Charlotte, N.C., terminal facility.

Epes Transport System is a full service truckload carrier with a fleet of approximately 1,150 power units providing service throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and Southwest.

It is ranked the 74th largest for-hire-carrier for 2014.

The company started business in 1931 in Blackstone, Virginia. Originally known as The Transport Company it began as a family-owned business and continued that way for over 55 years.

Epes Transport was purchased in September 1987 by Epes Carriers Inc. a newly established holding company owned by A.M. Bodford.

Epes Carriers is the largest private trucking company in North Carolina.

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