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Peterbilt offers new Alcoa Ultra aluminun wheels

Alcoa Ultra wheels are five pounds lighter than previous products. (Courtesy: PETERBILT MOTORS CO.

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DENTON, Texas — New Alcoa Ultra aluminum wheels manufactured from a MagnaForce alloy that provides additional strength and lower weight are now available as a factory-installed option for all Peterbilt heavy-duty trucks, Peterbilt Motors Company recently announced.

“This is a great new option for our customers in weight-conscious applications and other markets who want to run lighter and have confidence in the proven durability of Alcoa’s aluminum wheels,” Robert Woodall, Peterbilt director of sales and marketing, said. “The MagnaForce alloy reduces weight without sacrificing strength, and the new Ultra wheels feature the polished finish and styling customers love.”

Alcoa Ultra wheels are five pounds lighter than previous products (22.5 inches x 8.25 inches) and offer the same load rating of 14,600 pounds. Additionally, the new wheels are compatible with air-disc brakes, which are standard on the steering axles of all Class 8 Peterbilts, Woodall said.

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